How long should 'make test' take?

Hans Leidekker hans at
Wed Oct 24 13:57:08 CDT 2007

On Wednesday 24 October 2007 20:17:19 Dan Kegel wrote:

> Here are all the tests that take more than five seconds:
> 5.407s service.c
> 6.010s console.c
> 6.252s msg.c
> 9.657s process.c
> 12.053s timer.c
> 14.080s shlexec.c
> 17.760s install.c
> 24.018s wave.c
> 648.722s ftp.c
> Other than wininet's ftp test and maybe winmm's wave test,
> the overall time seems reasonable.
> IMHO we should disable the ftp test until its runtime can
> be brought down below 20 seconds.  It's just too slow,
> and too dependent on stuff not under Wine's control
> (e.g. one's internet connection).

Note that the http test also makes several connections to winehq
but it doesn't show up in your list. And we can and do skip tests
gracefully when a connection cannot be made. The ftp test used
to rely on an *incoming* connection, so failure could only be
handled with relatively long timeouts.

I count 20 InternetConnect calls in ftp.c so with your 20 second
quota we have about one second per connection. On my Windows VM
the test takes about 13 seconds so I think we should be able to
bring it down to below 20 seconds. I'll look into it.


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