AppDB: login

Alexander Nicolaysen Sørnes alex at
Wed Oct 24 17:12:45 CDT 2007

On Wednesday 24 October 2007 23:58:51 speedator at wrote:
> Hi,
> would be great to have a longer period to stay logged in.
> A setting under preference for the period seems a good solution,
> Btw: What is the status of appdb/bugzilla(wiki?)-account-fusion?
> Bye,
> Julian

The login period used to be longer, I don't know why that was changed as it 
was before my time.

No one is working on the account integration (or they are doing it secretly).  
It would be a great improvement but right now I think it is more beneficial 
to improve the AppDB itself.

Alexander N. Sørnes

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