Wine Gecko packaging

Jacek Caban jacek at
Wed Oct 24 17:55:40 CDT 2007


As you probably have noticed, downloading Gecko on first use confuses
users. Now, with last week patches, there is an other way to do it,
transparent for users. MSHTML code looks for cab file in $data_dir/gecko
(that is usually /usr/share/wine/gecko). Alternatively, if you run Wine
from build dir, it looks for $build_dir/../gecko. Wine checks it both in
wineprefixcreate and, if Gecko is not installed, on first usage. It
means that if you download from SourceForge and put
it in the right place, you will no longer have to care about installing

Now, it's time to consider Linux packages to simplify its use. In Gentoo
it may be a separate USE flag, but for other distributions that don't
support such things, we'll need a separate package. Such package will
need only one file placed in the right place, so it should be easy to do
and maintain (I don't expect versions to change often). Are Wine
packagers interested in creating Gecko packages?


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