start:start.c Display messages in the console encoding.

Anatoly Lyutin vostok at
Thu Oct 25 01:40:05 CDT 2007

Kirill K. Smirnov wrote:
> WriteFile does not output unicode characters to console screen buffer, so if 
> ConsoleOutputCP is smth like 65001, this will fail.
> The page contains 
> remedy by Microsoft how to deal with problem:
> 1) If device handle is console, then output wide chars using WriteConsoleW
> 2) If device handle is not console, then convert wide chars to ConsoleOutputCP 
> and output using WriteFileA.
Hmm. I shall work above these a question. Thank you for opinion.
> This way is already implemented in cmd (See WCMD_output_asis_len function).
> And it may be much better to convert start utility to unicode.
Yes, I  agree with you.
> --
> Kirill
> P.S. all this manipulations is supposed to be done by msvcrt printf function 
> family, but wine lacks this functionality :-(

Best regards
	Anatoly Lyutin.

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