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Thu Oct 25 04:58:35 CDT 2007

On Thursday October 25 2007 08:08, Fong, Man To wrote:
> > Dear Sir / Madam,
> >
> > We are developing a software which is running on Linux platform. The
> > software will retrieve the information from TETRA Connectivity Server
> > (TCS) which is running on Window 2003 server. The communication
> > protocol, pre-defined by TCS manufacturing, is DCOM. Since the
> > communication protocol is not opened by the manufacturer. We must
> > install the API provided by the manufacturer on our workstation
> > running on Linux. Does WINE support the DCOM function?

	Yes. We recommend to use latest version of WINE (from or 
from your distribution repository if it has recent versions).

	If something will not work for you please fill a bug report at . In case if builtin DCOM support doesn't work as 
expected you can run "winetricks dcom98" to use native DCOM instead (you can 
download winetricks at ). If this workaround 
helps you should mention this in your bug report as well.
	Thanks for using WINE.

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