Start: Convert start to Unicode.

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Thu Oct 25 06:42:36 CDT 2007

"Anatoly Lyutin" <vostok at> wrote:

> -/**
> +
> +/*

All these changes /** -> /* make the diff larger, and are not really

>  Output given message to stdout without formatting.
> */
> -static void output(const char *message)
> +static void output(const WCHAR *message)
> {
>  DWORD count;
> - WriteFile(GetStdHandle(STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE), message, strlen(message), &count, NULL);
> +    DWORD   res;
> +    int    wlen = strlenW(message);

Once you change your editor settings to use natural 8 spaces for a tab you will
see how ugly the formatting in your new code is.

> -static void fatal_error(const char *msg, DWORD error_code)
> +static void fatal_error(const WCHAR *msg, DWORD error_code)

fatal_error() is not called with strings outside of ASCII charset, so
there is no much point in converting it to unicode. It only makes your
patch full of controversial changes. IMHO fatal_error() should be removed
altogether, and replaced by proper error handling instead.


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