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Thu Oct 25 11:14:14 CDT 2007

Here are some things I noticed while using this site. Let me know if I 
it would help to make bug reports for these:

 * Some result entries are red with a dash in them and a blue border. 
See the Windows 98 results for
   I assume these means that the test did not load. However we should 
distinguish two cases there:

 - if it did not run because the tested dll did not exist at all, then 
it's not a test failure and thus the background should be green.
   A typical case would be the crypt32 tests on Windows 98.

 - if the dll was there but the test still did not run, typically 
because the dll is missing an export, then that's a bug in the test: it 
should dynamically load that function so the other checks it performs 
can be run.
   A typical case is the gdi32 tests on Windows 98.
   Ideally we'd even have a log showing the missing API but that's 
probably too tricky to do on Windows.

 * Downloading the log file for a given test run gives me a file that's 
called 'report'. It would be nice if it was called something like 
'vmware-win98-report' instead so that saving a couple of them in a 
directory leads to fewer collisions.

 * It would be nice if the /data page looked more like a calendar with 
the most current date easily accessible, and a less like the directory 
listing it currently is. Then a / page would be nice too.

   I'm pretty unlikely to fix these, but at least here is a starting if 
someone is inclined to do so: you will find the source for the website in the tools.git repository:;f=winetest

   To get hold of the sources, see the instructions there:

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