crypt32: Remove a test because of a Windows 2003 SP1 bug

Juan Lang juan.lang at
Thu Oct 25 17:08:35 CDT 2007

> I was basing it on what you said in the commit - both the heading and
> the comment in the patch.

That's dangerous here.  The details are small, but they matter:

>   1.  This patch is applied to remove the test for this feature^Wbug
> in CertGetCertificateChain;

No, the feature/bug is in CertGetIssuerCertificateFromStore.  And the
test tested for a single bit being cleared.  In Windows 2003 SP1, that
bit is instead set.  So leaving the test as-is is misleading:  it
fails on at least one Windows platform (Windows 98 is unknown, because
the crypt32 tests aren't running there for some reason that I don't
know.)  Changing it to cover both possibilities is my usual tactic,
but in the case of a single bit, there are only two possibilities.
Hence the comment in the patch:  the bit being either set or cleared
is acceptable on some system on which the test is run.  How, then, is
the test meaningful?

>   2.  Someone in the future submits a patch to fix the 'bug' in
> CertGetCertificateChain for Wine;

No - wrong function, and one which is not inconsistent in at least
this detail on different versions of Windows.

> Even if this is a deprecated API, there will still be applications
> that are dependent on it.

Of course, and the tests for the behavior of this API that is
consistent remain.  I just remove the test of this single bit, and
document why.

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