Dan Kegel dank at
Thu Oct 25 17:51:31 CDT 2007

James wrote:
>Looking at the test data, all of the msi:install tests timeout.  I
>just ran the install tests in XP running under vmware on a 3ghz
>machine.  The tests took 9m41s.  That completely blows away the 2min
>timeout.  There's nothing wrong with the tests, they just take a long
>time.   I don't think we should extend the timeout, because it's very
>subjective and more tests will be added, meaning we'll have to change
>the timeout eventually.  I do think we should have a flag or variable
>that allows the timeout to be ignored for certain tests.  Any

I'd like a way to specify the expected runtime,
for use on tests that we observe take a long time.
It would be used in two ways:
1) runtest could take an option --skip-long-tests
which would skip all tests that had that option set, and
2) by default runtest would only abort those tests
if they took one minute over their expected time (say).

That would give us both a quick interactive make test
and a more reliable slow-but-complete make test.
- Dan

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