Lots of 'make test' failures on Windows

Jakob Eriksson jakob at vmlinux.org
Fri Oct 26 07:24:42 CDT 2007

Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> If we require tests to pass on all Windows versions before getting
> committed it will drastically reduce the number of tests accepted,
> with little benefit. In most cases tests fail on some Windows boxes
> because they are too strict in the behavior they expect, and that's
> not a problem for us.

Except that the tests clutter up the reports. We should have at least one
dedicated, declared sane, Windows installation that we regard as most
important. When you _start_ expecting tests to fail  is when you
_stop_ paying attention to tests.

(That Codeweavers do not have such an installation yet, is beoynd me. Or
if you do, please make it automatically submit its findings to

> The only cases that we should really worry about are tests that fail
> the same way on all Windows versions, because it shows that the test
> is expecting the wrong thing.

Cleaning up these tests to not expect the wrong thing should lead to
a deeper understanding of desired behaviour of Wine.


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