Misplaced Property Sheet buttons

Peter Åstrand astrand at cendio.se
Fri Oct 26 09:52:37 CDT 2007

I'm debugging a problem where the standard buttons on a property sheet are 
misplaced. The application is Magna Cura. The screenshot 
http://www.cendio.com/~astrand/wine/62-tab-size/unpatched.png demonstrates 
the problem: The buttons are only partially visible. It turns out that the 
parent window for the Buttons changes size several times. The height is:


The PROPSHEET_AdjustButtons function, however, is only called in 
WM_INITDIALOG, so the buttons are positioned based on the height 466, and 
never repositioned. What's the proper fix for this? I've tried this patch:

--- propsheet.c (revision 13243)
+++ propsheet.c (arbetskopia)
@@ -3828,6 +3828,13 @@
         return TRUE;

+      {
+         PropSheetInfo* psInfo = (PropSheetInfo*) lParam;
+         PROPSHEET_AdjustButtons(hwnd, psInfo);
+         return FALSE;
+      }
       return FALSE;

This solves the position problem, but instead the Help button disappears. 
See screenshot 
http://www.cendio.com/~astrand/wine/62-tab-size/patched.png. Any ideas?

Best regards, 
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