Lots of 'make test' failures on Windows

Francois Gouget fgouget at codeweavers.com
Sat Oct 27 07:09:39 CDT 2007

Robert Shearman wrote:
> Jakob Eriksson wrote:
>> (That Codeweavers do not have such an installation yet, is beoynd me. Or
>> if you do, please make it automatically submit its findings to
>> test.winehq.org!)
> We do. I've got a machine that regularly runs the test on Windows 2003 
> on real hardware:
> http://test.winehq.org/data/200710241000/2003_rshearman/report

And I have recently put together a script for running winetest in VMware 
virtual machines unattended (see my other post). So going forward I will 
be running it on Windows 98, Windows XP and Windows 2003 nightly.

Francois Gouget
fgouget at codeweavers.com

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