[1/3] comctl32: Do not call parent of tool window for tip text

Ann & Jason Edmeades us at edmeades.me.uk
Sun Oct 28 14:33:03 CDT 2007

Hi Alexander,

> In the process of debugging I 
> also determined that Windows doesn't seem to send this message to 
> parent at all (tested on win98-Qemu, winXP SP2-Qemu and winXP SP1 
> normal installation). So I'm deleting this second call altogether and 
> a conformance test for this situation will be included in the next 
> patch.

Under some circumstances, it must - see bug 9233 (and my patch at url below)

I debugged this through to the point where the parent was definitely
retrieving the information (I watched spy logs of the application in
question) and I believe reversing this patch will break radmin again... It's
a free download, can you please test you havent regressed that application
with the patch


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