Pegasus Mail: program closes when sub-program closes

Joel Barnett jbarntt at
Sun Oct 28 15:57:37 CDT 2007

Sent to bugzilla, and to this email addy, as per winehq instructions:

Version to look at is 4.41, a free download.

This email app does a normal shutdown whenever the editor is closed, e.g.,
after a new email is sent. This is not normal behaviour. In Windows the app
stays open, so that one can continue sending, receiving, reading, writing
email, etc.

In old versions of wine, this error doesn't happen, (ver. 20050830). The
regression error occurs as early as 0.9.20. Based on posts to the wine appdb
for this app, it is likely that the regression error ocurred >=0.9.14.

The editor in Pmail was not written by the developer and maintainer, David
Harris, but rather licensed by him. Recent wine code seems to interpret an
ordinary call to close the editor as a call to close the program itself.

When Pmail starts, a 0 byte file, mailbox.lck is created in the mail box 
of the
user. When the user closes the program normally, this file is deleted.

Since the shutdown regression error deletes the lock file, I conclude 
the call
to close the editor is being misinterpreted by wine as a call to shutdown

Joel Barnett
New super maintainer for Pegasus Mail

p.s. - I'm new at this, please forgive me if my report is funky. I did check
bugzilla and didn't find anything relevant.

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