[1/3] comctl32: Do not call parent of tool window for tip text

Ann & Jason Edmeades us at edmeades.me.uk
Sun Oct 28 17:06:53 CDT 2007

> Sending message to parent in tooltip code 
> probably simply works around toolbar's broken behavior. In this case I
> I've identified a line in toolbar.c that fails to properly detect empty
> causing not appearing tooltips in Radmin. I'll try to submit another patch
> this fix shortly.

Thanks for checking this out - If your new patch makes tooltips work, I
should probably be quiet...

But.. I was looking through my notes of when I was working on this bug,
looking at SPY++ logs from windows and comparing them with
+spy,+message,+msg etc logs from wine. 

My notes indicated I was seeing the following sequence (I have hwnds or
whatever spy logs written down):
Tooltip sends toolbar needtextW
Sends to base class tbn_GetInfoTipA which didn't return anything
Sends tbn_GetInfoTipA to its parent which didn't return anything
Tooltip sends baseclass ttn NeedTextA
Which forwards to parent as ttn NeedTextA

My notes and investigations could be wrong, does this tie up with what you
were seing?


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