ATI fglrx 8.42 Driver issues

Brian Dunne braindawg at
Sun Oct 28 18:55:34 CDT 2007

Hello wine crew,

Not sure how many of you are ATI card users, but they released a new version
of their binary driver a few days ago. It provides some great performance
increases in native apps like Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, but I encountered
a pretty serious problem when trying to wine World of Warcraft in OpenGL
mode. In short, it won't draw models - it seems to draw environments and
effect animations fine, but characters and objects like benches and
mailboxes are invisible.

It seems the majority of the focus is on testing at this point, but if there
is any additional information I can provide which would help you graphics
guys (available OpenGL extensions, etc.) please let me know. It's about time
I contributed something to the project.  =)


Brian Dunne
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