opengl problems (commit 00633e37bcc8da1032f34ea2d87814739de07db4)

Chris Robinson chris.kcat at
Sun Oct 28 23:43:27 CDT 2007

On Sunday 28 October 2007 08:00:19 pm Alex Romosan wrote:
> somewhere between release 0.9.46 and 0.9.47 of wine i started having
> problems with applications that use opengl. using git-bisect i found
> that commit 00633e37bcc8da1032f34ea2d87814739de07db4 (winex11: Use an
> offscreen redirected window for child OpenGL rendering.) was the first
> bad commit.
> in particular i am trying to run tracked part of racer 0.5.0 final
> ( doing a git-checkout
> 00633e37bcc8da1032f34ea2d87814739de07db4 and running tracked i get the
> following crash when i try to import a track:

What card do you have and what drivers are you using? It looks like it's 
trying to call glFlush without a context set, which is illegal.

Have you filed a bug report on buzilla?

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