ATI fglrx 8.42 Driver issues

Roderick Colenbrander thunderbird2k at
Mon Oct 29 06:18:06 CDT 2007

> Am Montag, 29. Oktober 2007 00:55:34 schrieb Brian Dunne:
> > but
> > I encountered a pretty serious problem when trying to wine World of
> > Warcraft in OpenGL mode. In short, it won't draw models - it seems to
> draw
> > environments and effect animations fine, but characters and objects like
> > benches and mailboxes are invisible.
> The problem is that if something like this happens in OpenGL mode, we can
> do 
> almost nothing. OpenGL is to 99% a pass through, so the app calls the
> driver 
> directly. We do not have the chance to alter anything if the driver
> doesn't 
> like what the app is doing. So your best bet is to file a bug at ATI 
> concerning this.
> But can you try d3d mode? In the past, the ATI drivers preferred that over
> WoW's OpenGL renderer.

Ati's drivers are still very buggy. In various situations they even fall back to software rendering. In some cases the xorg.conf option 'UseFastTLS=2' can do miracles. It is important to find a testcase in which you can produce the problems. And then submit a bugreport to (it is ati's unofficial bugzilla; all bugs are forwarded to ati and they really do something with them)

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