New Wine help and discussion forum

Tom Wickline twickline at
Mon Oct 29 10:34:33 CDT 2007


There is a new Wine help and discussion forum at that is meant to be a meeting
place for anyone interested in Wine usage or development. In the past
there there has never been a single forum dedicated solely to Wine.
The lack of a single forum has left people to post Wine related help
and discussions in other forums. At the moment most users turn to
their Linux distribution forum where Wine is often a sub-forum at most
and questions often go unanswered.

My goal is to provide a forum to bring Wine users together into a
single meeting place to discuss anything relevant to the daily
happenings surrounding Wine. There are multiple categories/subforums
to cover all aspects of using Wine (Applications, Games, 3rd Party
Wine Utilities, Commercial Offerings, etc.).


Tom Wickline

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