New Wine help and discussion forum

Dan Kegel dank at
Mon Oct 29 14:45:16 CDT 2007

Steven wrote:
> I can't speak for Tom on this issue, though I was the one to
> suggest that he start the forum after the Wineconf discussions
> regarding the mailing list and newsgroup disconnection.

So you're the guilty party!  Next time you decide to shake
up the wine community like that, please consider discussing
the move with the developer community first.

> I think long term we might want to see about  just killing the
> users mailing list if the forum proves to be much more popular.
> The idea is to have ONE central place for all user discussions.

The mailing list can in fact be the central place, even
in the era of web-based interfaces.  Killing it would greatly
annoy a large population of people, including especially
the developers who sometimes help users on the list.

The thing to kill, if anything, is the usenet group; sadly, usenet
does seem to be decaying pretty badly.

As an experiment, I've set up a google groups front end for
wine-users.  It's at
For this to become real, we'd have to switch the mailman user
list over.

Do folks think we should try that?  Or do people really think
we should kill the mailing list and go to a forum?
- Dan

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