opengl problems (commit 00633e37bcc8da1032f34ea2d87814739de07db4)

Juan Lang juan.lang at
Mon Oct 29 17:26:48 CDT 2007

> i thought somebody else who knows more about this might find the traces
> of interest. i didn't simply just post back traces, i spent a whole day using
> git-bisect and recompiling wine until i found the commit that broke things
> for me.

Yes, I know you did more than _just_ post backtraces.  But they're
unreadably long.  I could have been more gentle in chiding you about
that, I suppose, so I'm sorry if I barked too loud.

> apparently you seem to think this is how wine should behave (and i don't
> know enough about wine).

I don't know how you could have gotten that conclusion.  I asked you
to log a bug - that's where problems in wine should be tracked.  They
can be abandoned either on the mailing list or on bugzilla, of course,
but at least on bugzilla we can make an effort to track them.

So please, do log that bug, and include the commit that broke it.

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