Trying to submit my first patch

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Mon Oct 29 18:00:39 CDT 2007

So I tried to submit a patch (to the patch mailing list) a few days ago
and got no response (or acceptance), so I'm guessing I need to do
something different. It is just a few simple stubs for functions needed
to get RO2 (a game) running.

The original email is attached. If anyone could tell me what I did wrong
it would be appreciated.

I'm guessing either because (a) I actually changed the Changelog file
and included that in the patch instead of putting it in the email body
or (b) nobody is interested in just stubs and I should work on coding
them up more (even though it isn't necessary to get the game running.)

  -- Chris Wulff 
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Subject: Added function stubs for methods called by game RO2
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