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Jonathan Ernst jonathan at
Tue Oct 30 01:43:03 CDT 2007


Le lundi 29 octobre 2007 à 20:06 -0500, EA Durbin a écrit :
> I think phpbb is more user friendly than what we got right now. That
> and the amount of spam I receive in my inbox directed at the current
> mail lists. I'm tired of getting emails telling me I've won the
> lottery directed to my inbox from wine, it takes too long to clear it
> all out.

There is no such mail in the archives so I don't know how you did get
lottery mail from wine.

By the way, I don't understand why people who don't want to get mail
from wine don't simply use a newsgroup reader (any decent mail client
will do) and subscribe to gmane after setting mailman to not send them
any e-mail. I have 10's of lists set up this way so they don't interfere
with my other e-mails and it's 100 times more user friendly (and faster)
than having to browse to 10 different web based forums.

Maybe we could explain a little bit more the newsreader way of reading
the list in

And if you can't be bothered using anything else than a Web browser you
can still use or
any other web-based newsgroup client.


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