winex11drv: Initialize real default mode in xrandr and xvidmodebackends

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Wed Oct 31 03:44:59 CDT 2007

"Chris Robinson" <chris.kcat at> wrote:

> This has been brought up on IRC before, and I believe the concensus was you 
> can't rely on the current mode when starting the app because there's no way 
> to tell if the current mode is the default or something another app set.

Then x11drv should not try to restore a default mode at all. Since it does,
my patch fixes a bug in it.

> As far as XRandR is concerned, mode 0 is always the default, but the desktop 
> manager can set a different mode per user on login. The way to fix this would 
> be to get some way to query the desktop manager for the default mode, or to 
> extend XRandR to be able to change and report different defaults. Neither of 
> which is possible right now.

I believe that my patch is better choice than current behaviour.


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