Tips needed for debugging Skype on Wine (Access violation)

Paul Vriens at
Wed Oct 31 08:26:28 CDT 2007

Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:
> "Maarten Lankhorst" <m.b.lankhorst at> wrote:
>> Paul Vriens schreef:
>>> Hi,
>>> I'm trying to get Skype running on Wine (latest Git). The 
>>> app however throws an 'Access violation at address 00593AD1 in module 
>>> "Skype.exe". Read of address FFFFFFFF'.
>>> I've set set the version to XP. I do find that when I apply this 
>>> "patch":
>> If I read msdn correctly, the return value you have in that little patch
>> is correct.
>> Return Value
>> If the function succeeds, the return value is a nonzero value.
>> If the function fails, the return value is zero. To get extended error
>> information, call GetLastError.
>> If you do 'return 1;' it should work correctly, and it should be
>> accepted into wine.
> Returning FALSE from IsWow64Process() indicates that there was some error,
> so the patch is no correct. Probably what should be changed is setting of
> *Wow64Process to TRUE instead of FALSE.
>> From MSDN:
> If the application is a 64-bit application running under 64-bit Windows,
> the Wow64Process parameter is set to FALSE.
> Paul, what values IsWow64Process() returns on your box? Is that 32-bit,
> or 64-bit machine?
(It wasn't meant as patch that's why I put it between quotes.)

What do you mean with "what values IsWow64Process() returns" ? This is hardcoded 
in process.c

I've checked with a quick test that the return value and the PBOOL give the same 
results on my Linux box (64-bit OS) as on my WinXP box (32-bit).

So I agree that the "patch" is not correct but it solves this issue (Skype 
probably takes a different path on error).



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