Would also like to contribute to Wine

Reece Dunn msclrhd at googlemail.com
Tue Sep 4 15:26:44 CDT 2007

I am interested in the Wine project, and my manager at work has
accepted my request to work on it.

I work for a company that develops Windows software, so as I have
access to Visual Studio, and thus the sources for ATL, MFC and the
msvc runtime (provided with the full version of Visual Studio), I
state that I will not participate in the development of these

I have not seen, and do not intend on seeing, any of the Windows source code.

I am interested in the following.

1. Writing tests for various parts of Wine, initially the RECT API. I
know that this is a simple API, but even the simplest API needs tests.
I will expand on this set as time permits. Is it possible for me to
write tests for ATL and/or the msvc runtime, as this is not
implementing those API?

2. Investigating the failing tests (e.g. the new, unknown message in
the monthcal tests on Vista) and how to fix them properly.

3. Improve the user32/comctl32 controls. I would like to address the
outstanding issues with these if I can.

4. Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA)/User Interface Automation
(UIA). I would like to get this working with the various Linux
accessibility API, so that more people will have access to Windows
applications running on Linux+Wine.

5. Microsoft Text-To-Speech API (part of the sapi DLL). This is on my
wishlist and is likely beyond my capabilities to get working. It is
used by applications like Dragon Naturally Speaking and Cepstral
SwiftTalker. Here, there is supporting voices installed on Windows
that use the SAPI interface directly, and voices installed on Linux
that implement different APIs.

6. Get theming working with the user32 controls and Window frames. Get
the theming support working with GNOME themes as well.

7. Anything else I can think of.

I would be interested in improving Wine to help get more applications
running on Wine. Does anyone know if there are some common things that
are holding Wine up, or is it more a per-application problem as each
application is hitting different problems in Wine?

- Reece

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