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Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Thu Sep 6 08:17:32 CDT 2007

Misha wrote:
> and even my version of Windows 98 is bundled with mfc42.dll, so wine really should
> provide it too...  [our own version, not Microsoft's.]

Well, sure.  Same goes for a lot of things.  But
since mfc42.dll is a Visual C++ runtime file that
has very liberal redistribution terms and is in fact
bundled with many apps, we can get away without
it for a long time.   And it's not currently a showstopper
as far as I can tell; I'm more interested in the bugs that
keep e.g. Photoshop from running flawlessly.

So one of these days it might become a priority.
Until then, it's merely important but not urgent.
- Dan

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