Wine on 64bit system crashes (critical)

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Thu Sep 6 09:13:16 CDT 2007

"Roderick Colenbrander" <thunderbird2k at> wrote:

> One of my development machines is a dualcore Athlon64 using a 64bit version
> of Debian. I have been using this system for months and it always worked
> fine. Since I hadn't used the system during the summer it contained an older
> Wine version.
> I have upgraded it to the latest GIT version and Wine doesn't work anymore.
> It doesn't just crash, but it locks up the whole system. I have no idea what
> causes it. I for instance ran Wine some time before as root (I really had to
> be root at that time) and for the root user it didn't lock up until I wanted
> to run a fresh .wine directory.
> I can't really test what caused it as testing this takes a lot of time and
> I can't use a bad filesystem or so on this system. On irc a ubuntu64 user
> said he had similar problems using Wine 0.9.44 but for him it 'only'
> segfaulted. Perhaps there is a connection between the problems.
> Has anyone recently seen problems like this? It prevents me from playing
> with Wine code at the moment.

I'm using 64-bit Ubuntu 7.04 on an Intel Core2 Duo with SMP kernel for Wine
development every day, and had never seen such a problem.


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