problem with silly CreateBitmap call

Rolf Kalbermatter r.kalbermatter at
Thu Sep 6 12:52:35 CDT 2007

Deun wrote on Thursday, September 06, 2007 10:40 AM

>trace:x11drv:X11DRV_CreateBitmap (0xed4) 2147483646x2147483646
>1 bpp
>X Error of failed request:  BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation)
>  Major opcode of failed request:  53 (X_CreatePixmap)
>  Serial number of failed request:  3155
>  Current serial number in output stream:  3163
>This occured after an attempt to load a bmp file that can't be found
>The size of the bitmap seems crazy... So I've made a patch to fix this in
>bitmap.c by setting 1x1 size in case of stupid input instead of failing
>BadAlloc. However, since it works fine on real windows, so I'm not sure
>the behaviour that the function should have. However this patch let me run
>the game now :

First your patch is not very useful as the diff was run from inside the
where the two files where, instead of from the main wine directory. So the
does not contain the necessary full project path for the patch maintainer to
It without guessing, which he won't do without some very compelling reasons.

But the more serious problem is that it is really just a hack and as such
get into wine. Trapping on some arbitrary size is not an acceptable patch
Wine. Instead the root cause should be found.

Since you say that this comes from trying to load a bitmap that can be
found I wonder if this is the result of some unitialized structures that
in garbage but somehow the loading is not aborted with an error for whatever
reasons but just passed further to X11DRV_CreateBitmap with whatever garbage
happened to be in memory and here probably on the stack.

I see two possibilities and they both are likely to be fixed in the actual
caller of X11DRV_CreateBitmap instead of in this function itself:

1) Wine code has a bug and should not ever attempt to call X11DRV to create
the bitmap after it couldn't find the according file on disk to initialize
bitmap members. Instead that function should just return to the caller with
an error.

2) Windows allows to load a nonexisting bitmap file and returns in that case
a default bitmap, brush or whatever without causing an error. In that case
the structure should be either initialized to some meaningful values like
a 0 * 0 or 1 * 1 bitmap before attempting to load the file from disk and
when the load fails just fall through to create that default bitmap or on
failure of the loading some special code needs to be executed to create
whatever Windows returns here.

So in any case I think you need to figure out from which function exactly
X11DRV_CreateBitmap is called with these silly parameters and concentrate
on fixing that one instead. Your patch is still very likely to crash on a 
0x7e000000 * 0x7e000000 bitmap and therefore didn't adress the root cause
of this problem.

Not knowing anything about the stack trace it is completely impossible for
anyone not running that application to look for the likely cause of this
problem as there are quite a few functions in Wine that call
X11DRV_CreateBitmap somewhere and somehow.

Rolf Kalbermatter

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