gdi32[3/3]: if freetype fails try to load manually fonts wrapped asPE resources

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Thu Sep 6 23:39:52 CDT 2007

"Mikolaj Zalewski" <mikolajz at> wrote:

> This is some overlap with freetype as freetype 2.3.5 can load fonts
> from PE resources. But the code is so small (we have all the tools
> needed) and helps many programs (including working around the
> Photoshop Z-order problem during startup as now the dialogs doesn't
> show) that I thought it is useful.

Then there is no point in using FreeType for loading font files at all,
(or adding support for new font file formats to FreeType) since FreeType
can load fonts from memory.

> +            TRACE("WineEndAddFontResourceEx failed on PE file %s - trying to load resources manualy\n",
> +                wine_dbgstr_w(str));
> +            if (EnumResourceNamesW(hModule, rt_font, load_enumed_resource, (LONG_PTR)&num_resources))

This code snippet causes a stack corruption since load_enumed_resource has
wrong calling convention. I wonder whether gcc issued a warning here.


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