gdi32[3/3]: if freetype fails try to load manually fonts wrapped as PE resources

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Fri Sep 7 03:28:22 CDT 2007

"Mikolaj Zalewski" <mikolaj at> wrote:

>>>> Then there is no point in using FreeType for loading font files at all,
>>>> (or adding support for new font file formats to FreeType) since 
>>>> FreeType
>>>> can load fonts from memory.
>>>  Do you mean that in AddFontResource I shouldn't try to call 
>>> WineEngAddFontResourceEx but do only a LoadLibraryEx (that won't work 
>>> as at least according to MSDN the parameter to AddFontResource can be 
>>> a FNT file or a Win16 NE executable) or that in AddFileToList I 
>>> should not make a distinction between memory and file fonts but 
>>> always load the font from memory, mmaping it before if necessary?
>> I mean that we should choose from either leaving the task to FreeType,
>> or doing the whole job of loading the font files internally in Wine.
>  I admit I don't understand - what would we gain from doing all the 
> loading internally in Wine? Wouldn't that be simply rewriting a big part 
> of freetype?

That's exactly my point. We shouldn't add workarounds for deficiencies in
FreeType, especially since FreeType now handles fonts in PE format.

> You wrote that loading fonts from memory will help but 
> isn't FT_New_Memory_Face using the same parsing code as FT_New_Face and 
> only the source differs? Anyhow it looks to me as something rather 
> orthogonal to this patch as I don't try to parse the content of the font 
> but only remove the PE "wrapping".

We don't we do that for other font formats, what's so special about PE,
that Wine can handle it? But Wine can handle NE format as well, and there
are older FreeType versions that can't handle NE fonts either. If that's
just a worlaround for Photoshop's (because "many programs" that you mention
your patch helps is so much vague, and while searching for fonts in PE fomat
to test my FreeType patch I haven't found anything except Photoshop, so I had
to create a sample font set in PE format on my own) Z-order problem during
startup then your fix is in wrong area, you need to fix Z-order bug instead.


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