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Darragh Bailey felix at
Tue Sep 11 13:00:19 CDT 2007

On Thu, Aug 30, 2007 at 05:38:36PM +0200, Alexander Nicolaysen Sørnes wrote:
> Torsdag 30 august 2007 13:19, skrev speedator at
> > Hi,
> > sometimes app-entries (like Acrobat Reader) are for series of
> > applications and versions for the single applications. Sometimes there
> > are app-entries(like Age of Empires) for single applications in a series
> > and version-entries for patches, betas, demos etc.. And
> > sometimes it is a mixture.
> >
> > What about making this more clear? Do we need entries for the whole
> > series? I think it is important for overview. So what about a new
> > structure like "application / version / derived from version(subversion)"?
> >
> > Julian

I think the problem with some of the AppDB entries is more with patches. 
For many games the subsequent versions after the initial release are treated
as separate entries, which is not a good breakdown imho.

I think the suggestion would be excellent provided it's only applied to
the cases dealing with patched applications/games.

I think that keeping the testing information for the different patch
levels of apps separate would be useful, but you don't really want to
end up with duplicate comments areas covering the same details as well.

Whether it would be worth the trouble to add, and whether it would get
used is another question.

> There is a difference between games and other applications.  Adobe Reader 5 
> and 7 are versions of the same program, but say Command & Conquer Tiberian 
> Sun and Command & Conquer Red Alert are not versions of the same game; they 
> are very different.
> Alexander N. Sørnes

I think he was suggesting that we treat "Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun"
as one series and have any subsequent patches applied to it as being
"derived from version(subversion)". i.e. a single entry for the game,
with separate sub entries for the different versions due to patching.
Although in the case of that game they have one entry for all versions
"1.0-2.03". Best of luck working out if you need patches, or whether
some of the later patches cause more problems than they fix. You'd have
to read through all the comments, rather than just look for the testing
details corresponding to the patch level of the game you have installed.


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