iTunes 7

Juan Lang juan.lang at
Tue Sep 11 12:58:49 CDT 2007

Folks, I just sent a series of wintrust patches that gets iTunes 7 to
start, at least for me.  I expect some will get rejected due to
collision with Francois's patch - I'll resynch and resend.  But if you
want to play around with iTunes, grab those patches and give them a

Known issues:
1. Your screen will go black when it starts.  This is something
QuickTime is doing.  You can drag windows around to force some
repainting to work around it.
2. You'll see lots of fixmes on the console, especially:
"fixme:setupapi:CMP_WaitNoPendingInstallEvents 0",
"fixme:setupapi:SetupDiGetClassDevsW returning empty list", and
"fixme:htmlhelp:HtmlHelpW HH case HH_PRETRANSLATEMESSAGE not handled."
3. The main window will be transparent (and basically unusable) if you
don't have GL support compiled in.

Have fun,

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