iTunes 7

Markus Amsler markus.amsler at
Tue Sep 11 21:37:51 CDT 2007

Juan Lang wrote:
> Folks, I just sent a series of wintrust patches that gets iTunes 7 to
> start, at least for me.  I expect some will get rejected due to
> collision with Francois's patch - I'll resynch and resend.  But if you
> want to play around with iTunes, grab those patches and give them a
> whirl.
> Known issues:
> 1. Your screen will go black when it starts.  This is something
> QuickTime is doing.  You can drag windows around to force some
> repainting to work around it
Just a wild guess, does the attached patch fix the problem? Battlefield 
1942 shows the  same behavior in windowed mode.
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