fnt2fon: janitorial IgnoredReturnValues

Lionel_Debroux lionel_debroux at yahoo.fr
Fri Sep 14 12:37:59 CDT 2007

> > tools/fnt2fon is flagged in the janitorial page "IgnoredReturnValues".
> > This page is outdated, but its content is still valid for fnt2fon,
> > which ignores a number of return values.
> I don't think that's worth fixing, the warnings are essentially
> useless, it just makes the code uglier.
OK, I won't do that again :-)
> There may be a few legitimate errors in there, like checking the
> fopen() result, and those could be fixed;
There are indeed several legitimate errors, such as:
* not checking the fopen() result;
* the current input file (fp) is not always closed when exiting;
* the atexit() and signal() calls are placed too late in the program,
and their return values are not checked;
* I've just seen on Michael Stefaniuc's potential issues page that
Smatch reports a memory leak, and it looks like a legitimate error.

> but please don't add checking to every call that gcc complains about.
OK. Actually, it's not GCC, but splint, since the headers on my
SimplyMEPIS 6.x/Debian box don't contain
__attribute__((warn_unused_result)). Vincent Béron has certainly used
another distro (Fedora-type ?) to get GCC to complain about those calls.

Regards, Lionel Debroux.

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