old dos/windows program crashing

Joris Huizer joris_huizer at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 15 05:37:54 CDT 2007


I have a program, that I got like ages ago. It
effectively is an atari emulator for dos, by the name
"pacifist", but I originally got it installed under
windows ME.  It has an old atari-basic program
"installed" in it, (a simple game) written by a friend
in it, which I wanted to play.
I decided to try to get it to run again under Linux.

The website it came from originally doesn't seem to
have the program available for download anymore - so I
just copied the files from the windows ME disc. 
I obviously tried WINE then, but it didn't work,
however, dosbox works with it (though slow, obviously)
so I know I'm not missing required files (though,
perhaps, registry settings - not sure how likely that
is, though)

Anyway. This isn't such a big deal, though I'd like to
look at what's going on in WINE, and possibly fix it -
though I need help here.
This program is, among things, a "PMODE W/DOS
Extender" - so that means it probably does some
obscure real-mode/protected-mode stuff.

Console output is as follows,

Warning: unprotecting memory to allow real-mode calls.
         NULL pointer accesses will no longer be
err:int:__wine_emulate_instruction mov cr0,eax at
err:int:DOSVM_Int33Handler int33: unknown/not
implemented parameters:
int33: AX 0015, BX 0003, CX 11f7, DX 1165, SI 0055, DI
03ac, DS 11df, ES 11e7
fixme:int:DOSVM_Int10Handler Select vertical
resolution - not supported
fixme:int:DOSVM_Int10Handler Load ROM 8x8 Double Dot
Patterns - Not Supported
fixme:int31:DOSVM_Int31Handler physical address
mapping (0x00000000) - unimplemented
wine: Unhandled page fault on read access to
0xffffffff at address 0x101f:0x0003ed71 (thread 002d),
starting debugger...
fixme:dbghelp:addr_to_linear Failed to linearize
address 08f0:00000002 (mode 0)
fixme:dbghelp:addr_to_linear Failed to linearize
address 08f0:00000000 (mode 0)

Also I attached the visual display the "winevdm" shows
as the program crashes. (It seems it crashes somewhere
in generated code in kernel32.dll - in
DPMI_PendingEventCheck() - written by the winebuild

I know some things about real-mode code, but not too
much. Could you give me pointers on what to look at

BTW, please CC me, I'm not on the mailing list



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