Patch: ntoskrnl.exe - Added PsCreateSystemThread

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Thu Sep 20 20:50:47 CDT 2007

"Carroll Vance" <ovencleaner at> wrote:

> I have implemented PsCreateSystemThread in ntoskrnl.exe. This API i have
> found used by programs like nProtect gameguard, and is a pretty commonly
> used kernel api. This either ends up calling CreateThread or
> CreateRemoteThread depending on if a process handle was provided.

You can call CreateRemoteThread without any checks for the process handle.

> This is my
> first patch, I read over the dev docs and patch format, I hope I did not
> miss anything. I have tested this with a driver I made and it seemed to work
> fine.

Your patch mixes tabs and spaces on the same line, that makes formatting messy.
Also if you could add spaces around '!=' and '==' in if statements that would
make the code slightly more readable.


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