WineD3D patch submission

Roderick Colenbrander thunderbird2k at
Sat Sep 22 06:45:11 CDT 2007

> I tried this patch, everything works like before, can't find any 
> regression in apps like ET: QW, Oblivion, all nvidia D3D SDK tests, 
> 3DMarks and others. Titan Quest looks beter, but there are still some 
> issues in menu, game is not working because of gdi32.dll functionality. 
> I create patch for actual git.
> Mirek

There are a couple of things. First something minor use c-style comments and not c++ ones (so /* */ instead of //). Further I'm not sure if the code is correct. It looks to be doing a lot of lowlevel things (directly messing with the memory) and some of the texture upload code is duplicated. Note that in most cases the data is already in opengl, we don't have to reupload it (this is slow). I'm not sure what problems your program is having but I guess it are depth / pitch related problems. For instance the surface is storing the bpp as seen by the windows app which can be different from the real bpp if conversion is needed (that's why d3dfmt_get_conversion exists).

What sort of issues was your gaming having before these changes?

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