WineD3D surface management cleanup

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Sat Sep 22 17:14:06 CDT 2007


This mail is mainly addressed at Henri and Roderick, but I'll send it here to 
allow others to read it too.

These patches contain some cleanups of the d3d surface loading code. It's main 
aim is to put the code that copies the surface between system memory, texture 
and drawable into a centralized place, make LockRect simpler and pbo creation 
and surface memory allocation in one place(surface allocation is not 
completely there yet). It also makes other parts of the code simpler, avoids 
playing with the surface flags in other places, and it will allow us to 
centralize the logic that in the case of fbo offscreen rendering the drawable 
is the same as the texture(This is also not implemented yet).

The patches don't aim at fixing any bugs themselves, and I hardly tested them, 
so there may be a truckload of regressions. I'm mainly showing them to show 
the general direction I'm heading into.
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