WineD3D surface management cleanup

Roderick Colenbrander thunderbird2k at
Sat Sep 22 17:34:56 CDT 2007

> Hi,
> This mail is mainly addressed at Henri and Roderick, but I'll send it here
> to 
> allow others to read it too.
> These patches contain some cleanups of the d3d surface loading code. It's
> main 
> aim is to put the code that copies the surface between system memory,
> texture 
> and drawable into a centralized place, make LockRect simpler and pbo
> creation 
> and surface memory allocation in one place(surface allocation is not 
> completely there yet). It also makes other parts of the code simpler,
> avoids 
> playing with the surface flags in other places, and it will allow us to 
> centralize the logic that in the case of fbo offscreen rendering the
> drawable 
> is the same as the texture(This is also not implemented yet).
> The patches don't aim at fixing any bugs themselves, and I hardly tested
> them, 
> so there may be a truckload of regressions. I'm mainly showing them to
> show 
> the general direction I'm heading into.

I have taken a quick look at it. I think it looks ok (I don't fully understand all changes though but that's because I didn't know the old code that well yet).

What I have been wondering why remove flush_to_framebuffer_texture? In ddraw opengl it is a very useful mode. From what I have seen on modern cards textures seem to outperform drawpixels.


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