[5/5] winex11: Use an offscreen redirected window for child OpenGL rendering

Chris Robinson chris.kcat at gmail.com
Sun Sep 23 16:33:06 CDT 2007

On Sunday 23 September 2007 02:22:35 pm you wrote:
> Chris Robinson wrote:
> > This uses XComposite, when available, to render GL to an offscreen
> > window, and updates the win32 window when glFlush/glFinish/SwapBuffers is
> > called. When rendering to a top-level window with a matching visual, it
> > renders directly "onscreen", and setting the registry key
> > HKCU\Software\Wine\X11 Driver\CompositeGL
> > to false will disable GL compositing behavior even when XComposite is
> > available (default is enabled).
> Same here, default should be disabled. Do not introduce more regressions in
> something already broken by default. And don't punish something that works
> perfectly without anything extra.

I don't think it's necessary since the only apps this patch affects are ones 
that are currently broken due to the child window rendering bug. Apps that 
draw to a top-level window continue to do so, and aren't composited.

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