pdh: add tests for XP variant of api call

Jeff Latimer lats at yless4u.com.au
Mon Sep 24 07:20:12 CDT 2007

Hans Leidekker wrote:
> On Monday 24 September 2007 12:13:50 Jeff Latimer wrote:
> All tests succeed here on 2003 without your patch. 
That means that they must be XP specific.  I noticed some vista specfic 
bugs bugs being reported.
> Even if APIs return
> different values on different versions of Windows we should not add version
> checks. Instead we should accept all possible return values or remove the
> test altogether when it's clear that you cannot depend on specific return
> values.
 From this we should write tests to accept all values.  It would seem 
that the wine dll still needs to implement the API accurately, so you 
are saying, code the API correctly but make the tests generic?


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