mpr: Changes comparison of dwScope in WNetOpenEnum function

Juan Lang juan.lang at
Mon Sep 24 13:06:38 CDT 2007

Hi Konstantin,

-                             providerTable->table[index].dwEnumScopes
& dwScope)
+                             providerTable->table[index].dwEnumScopes

This change looks correct, but it should be changed in the next block as well:

                                ret = providerTable->table[index].openEnum(
                                 dwScope, dwType, dwUsage, lpNet, &handle);

It also looks incorrect in _enumerateGlobalPassthroughW:
        ret = providerTable->table[enumerator->providerIndex].
         openEnum(enumerator->dwScope, enumerator->dwType,
         enumerator->dwUsage, enumerator->lpNet,

In fact, all of these usages of dwScope look to confuse the two
meanings.  (D'oh.)

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