user32: Make message test pass cleanly under XP SP2

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Tue Sep 25 06:36:44 CDT 2007

"Anatoly Lyutin" <vostok at> wrote:

> Sorry! It falls in my Windows XP SP2 with:
> msg.c:3267:expected 0009 - actual 0009
> msg.c:3267:expected 0008 - actual 0008
> msg.c:3267:expected 0281 - actual 0007
> msg.c:3267: Test failed: Child did not switch correctly: the msg 0x0281 
> was expected, but got msg 0x0007 instead
> msg.c:3268:end of test for switch maximized MDI children

As the subject of the patch says the tests pass absolutely cleanly for me.
The failure you see above is a very minor thing in comparison to current state.
Usually I'm monitoring and trying to fix failures reported


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