Recent BiDi changes

Shachar Shemesh shachar at
Tue Sep 25 08:03:01 CDT 2007

Hi Maarten,

Can you, please, explain the advantage of creating our own
implementation of the BiDi algorithm over using existing
implementations? I know ICU sucks (especially as far as linkage is
concerned), but there are other implementations, major among which is
fribidi, which are free, are C based, and have a compatible license. Is
there any need to Wine to be aware of the inside working of the algorithm?

Also, so long as you are picking up the BiDi glove I dropped oh so many
years ago, it seems to me that the proper place to implement BiDi would
be in unscribe, where it is for Windows. The GDI implementation Wine has
is a hack that reached it's useful end the moment you realize that
DrawText needs its own implementation, independent of ExtTextOut (mostly
due to line breaking code).


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