mpr: Changes comparison of dwScope in WNetOpenEnum function

Juan Lang juan.lang at
Tue Sep 25 18:06:43 CDT 2007

> The following condition in _globalEnumeratorAdvance() looks incorrect:
>         for (; enumerator->providerIndex < providerTable->numProviders &&
>          !(enumerator->dwScope & providerTable->table
>          [enumerator->providerIndex].dwEnumScopes);
>          enumerator->providerIndex++)

I agree, that's not correct.

> Other conditions and parameters look correctly. For example, function
> NPOpenEnum() expects a dwScope, containing RESOURCE_CONNECTED,

Ah, you're right.  It's only where dwEnumScopes is used that it's
being used incorrectly.

Your patch should probably fix both of those, then (and please ignore
my earlier comment.)


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