mpr: Changes comparison of dwScope in WNetOpenEnum function

Konstantin Kondratyuk kondratyuk at
Wed Sep 26 06:03:59 CDT 2007


> Your patch should probably fix both of those, then (and please ignore
> my earlier comment.)

I have resent my patch, having added in it the passed corrections.

I have one more question. To add realization of new function, I can add it in 
struct WNetProvider? For example:

typedef struct _WNetProvider
    HMODULE           hLib;
    PWSTR             name;
    PF_NPGetCaps      getCaps;
    DWORD             dwSpecVersion;
    DWORD             dwNetType;
    DWORD             dwEnumScopes;
    PF_NPOpenEnum     openEnum;
    PF_NPEnumResource enumResource;
    PF_NPCloseEnum    closeEnum;
    PF_NPGetResourceInformation getResourceInformation; //my added function
} WNetProvider, *PWNetProvider;

It is correct?

Best regards,
Konstantin Kondratyuk.

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