[5/5] WineD3D: Add sincos support to arb shaders

Stefan Dösinger stefan at codeweavers.com
Thu Sep 27 08:50:17 CDT 2007

Am Donnerstag, 27. September 2007 13:02:31 schrieb Ivan Gyurdiev:
> Are you saying you intend to advertise 3.0 support on ARB only?
> If not, then why add any 3.0 features at all ?
No, I certainly do not intend to advertise 3.0 because we cannot implement 
things like branching, dsx/dsy or vertex textures, but I'll propably 
advertise 2.0 some day, if I feel like causing a lot of extensions(Or I think 
that our shader tests are good enough to safely do this).

The ARB shader backend tries to eat everything it is fed with though, even 3.0 
shaders. Some games require a specific shader model, but use only a subset of 
it that is supportable. Having the code to support some 3.0 specials makes my 
life easier since I can just go and lie about the caps on macos for specific 
games(e.g. in crossover). I don't put special focus on SM 3.0 support, but if 
I come across something that is easy to add, I'm adding it. Also, some day we 
may implement the 3.0 features using the NV extensions.

Of course if it's preferred to keep the arb shader backend clean from version 
== 3.0 checks I can keep the things I have in my junk branch, as long as I 
don't have to explain why I'm not submitting $GAMEFIX to Wine. Pretending SM 
3.0 support is a hack, implementing the parts of 3.0 we can implement 
properly isn't IMHO.
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