DInput mouse - where to go from here?

Chris Morgan chmorgan at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 11:18:03 CDT 2007

> >>
> >> The right way is to use XInput, and work with the X.org guys to fix
> >> what's necessary to make it work for our needs.
> >>
> > I don't see how will that solve (c,d,f,g)? Also how long should we wait on
> > that? Year? 5 years? I looked at the current Xorg source and it still
> > explicitly forbidding opening of the mouse and keyboard devices. Yet some
> > one mentioned they would change that.
> >
> > I'm talking about solutions right now, so we can move on and fix other
> > related issues, not sit and wait for some one to give us what we need.
> We can always send patches to the projects for the things we would like
> to see improved support. That was the case for kernel, gnome, freetype,
> binutils, cygwin, mingw, and many others.
> --

I'd suggest we see if we can get someone from X.org involved in the
discussion. While this wouldn't result in a fix today it would
certainly let us get cooperation which is likely to result in a better
fix. We might have to wait half a year for the full fix to get out
there but we can always provide a short term work around and see if we
can't run-time detect the improved correct way of doing it.


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