iTunes 7.4.2 doesn't even install for me

Juan Lang juan.lang at
Thu Sep 27 14:43:56 CDT 2007

Hi Paul,

> I saw your bug 9765 but I don't even get that far. The install crashes for me
> with something that appears to be connected to a driver:

Actually, I see that crash too.  I meant to log a bug for it, but
never did.  Would you mind?

> L"C:\\windows\\System32\\Drivers\\GEARAspiWDM.sys" (native) at 0x460000
> trace:module:process_attach (L"GEARAspiWDM.sys",(nil)) - START
> trace:module:MODULE_InitDLL (0x460000 L"GEARAspiWDM.sys",PROCESS_ATTACH,(nil)) -
> trace:seh:raise_exception code=c0000005 flags=0 addr=0x464010
> trace:seh:raise_exception  info[0]=00000001
> trace:seh:raise_exception  info[1]=00460038
> trace:seh:raise_exception  eax=0046137e ebx=7bc90dc8 ecx=0000001c edx=00460000
> esi=7bc87f5b edi=00460038

That address (0x00460038) is suspect.  It looks like part of a Unicode
string.  Something about how this driver is loaded is buggy, I'm
guessing ntoskrnl.exe is a bit too stubby for it yet.

Nevertheless, iTunes starts for me after this crash, it just warns
about the registry entries needed for CD/DVD drives being missing, and
I suspect that's due to this driver not being registered correctly.  I
just ignore that warning.

> As your so busy with iTunes these days, I thought I contact you directly.

I don't mind, but I'm actually off it now.  I've tried to stay up to
date this week, but no guarantees now that I'm back in school.

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